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Production Job Descriptions

North Country Community Theatre NCCT is a not-for-profit theatre company dedicated to the promotion of education and the arts by offering an opportunity for members of the community to participate in quality theatrical productions. The Board seeks creative collaborators who lead by example, work well with both experienced and inexperienced performers and enjoy sharing their talent and time with the theatre community. Stipends are provided for the positions below.

If you are interested in any of the positions below, either for a specific production, or just to be considered in the future, please email with your interest. Or, if you haven’t already, join our mailing list and you will receive our newsletters advertising our staffing needs. 


NCCT looks for experienced, dynamic musical theatre directors who can collaborate across disciplines to create an empowering rehearsal process and a visually cohesive and effective production. Director will provide a strong artistic vision for the production as well as organize and lead the company through the rehearsal and production process. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: holding auditions; scheduling, planning and running rehearsals; coaching actors; collaborating with the artistic team, production manager, and technical director to make choices that best serve the production; and working with the design team to develop the visual world of the show. Must be able to work effectively with both adults and youth performers of varying skill level. Must attend auditions, rehearsals, production meetings, technical rehearsals and performances. Good communication is a must, as are leadership, preparedness and professionalism. Director may assist Board in hiring other staff positions.

Music Director

NCCT looks for experienced music directors to work with a cast of community actors and musicians to teach and shape vocal performances and conduct an orchestra. Must be able to work with people of all ages, all levels of experience and backgrounds, to teach vocal parts, and coach singers to effective performances that support the script and the vision of the director. Other responsibilities include recruiting, leading and rehearsing the orchestra (10-15 musicians), recruiting an accompanist for rehearsals (as needed), and collaborating with the artistic team to make choices that best serve the production. Must attend auditions, rehearsals, meetings of artistic/production team, technical rehearsals and performances. Good communication is a must, as are leadership, preparedness and professionalism.


NCCT seeks experienced choreographers who are ready to delve into the world of community musical theatre and who will work in consultation and collaboration with the artistic team to create and teach dances that fit into the director’s vision of the production, emphasizing the show’s content and the spirit of the story through movement. Must be able to work with all levels of experience, adults and youth, from all backgrounds and abilities. Will rehearse with both piano and recorded music. Must attend auditions, rehearsals as scheduled, technical rehearsals and performances. Good communication is a must, as are leadership, preparedness and professionalism.

Production Manager

NCCT seeks organized and trustworthy collaborators to serve as production managers. The Production Manager will interact with every aspect of the production, liaising with the board, artistic staff, technical staff, cast, and crew throughout the process. Duties include but are not limited to: coordinating with artistic and technical staff to set deadlines and ensure they are met; coordinating and collaborating with the board to ensure marketing plan is carried out; tracking and helping with ad sales and angel sales to make sure they are meeting budget goals; coordinating rehearsal space and schedule; scheduling and running production meetings; planning and running auditions in consultation with board and artistic staff; coordinating with technical staff to make sure they have what they need and are spending within budget; liaising with Lebanon Opera House staff to schedule and coordinate load in, general use of LOH spaces and track ticket sales. Background in arts administration and technical theatre/backstage is a plus. Sense of humor and ability to work and communicate clearly under pressure is a must. Work begins ASAP.

Stage Manager

NCCT looks for experienced stage managers to help manage our shows backstage. Ideal candidate will have experience running rehearsals, creating and maintaining a prompt book, working backstage and calling shows. Must be well-organized, communicative, patient and able to stay positive even while having the challenging conversations needed to ensure that the production runs smoothly. Other duties include but are not limited to scheduling production meetings, working with all members of artistic and production team, managing the rehearsal calendar, recording blocking, recruiting and managing backstage run crew and recording and distributing rehearsal and production reports. Leadership, preparedness and professionalism throughout process are required.

Costume Designer and Manager

NCCT is looks for creative designers and sewers to dress up our productions. Ideal candidate will have experience working with period garments and silhouettes, and will be organized with close attention to detail and able to manage a budget. Working in collaboration with the director, the designer will conceptualize costumes for all characters and coordinate all building, buying, renting and pulling from NCCT costume storage. Designer will manage the process to ensure work is completed on time including procuring rehearsal clothing and shoes, and preparing all garments for dress parade. Other duties include measuring actors, holding fittings throughout rehearsal process, recruiting and managing volunteers to help build and run backstage during show; accessorize costumes as needed including shoes, headpieces, jewelry, etc. Work with actors to make sure they are wearing the correct undergarments and coordinate anything borrowed from home closets. Attend all production meetings and dress rehearsals, and attend rehearsal as needed.

Lighting Designer

NCCT looks for experienced lighting designers. In collaboration with the technical director and artistic/production staff, the lighting designer will devise and execute a dynamic lighting plot that fulfills both the standard lighting needs of the script and the artistic vision behind the production. Knowledge of lighting instruments, dimmers, light boards, hanging and focusing is required. Must be available for load in, hang and focus workdays, technical rehearsals and strike; will also need to attend production meetings and rehearsal as needed. Lighting designer will be assisted by the technical director and will be limited to using instruments available in Lebanon Opera House’s existing stock. Experience working in LOH a plus.

Rehearsal Pianist

Musicians are needed at all rehearsals to play piano or keyboard for singers and dancers. Ability to sight read music while playing for multiple singers/ensembles a must. Will work with musical director and choreographer at most rehearsals. Opportunity to also play in the orchestra for an additional stipend. Stipend may be divided between multiple musicians to accommodate schedules.

Makeup and Hair Designer

NCCT seeks talented people to design hair and makeup for entire cast of our productions. Duties also include coaching some actors to execute their character’s design as well as applying designs on some actors during the run of the show. All supplies provided by NCCT.


There are many positions staffed by volunteers including operating spotlights, operating the light board, backstage running crew, selling concessions in the lobby, sewing costumes, assisting the stage manager, painting the set and running outreach events. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in volunteering with NCCT.