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The Ellen Wilber Scholarship

The Ellen Wilber Scholarship awards a $500 scholarship to a hardworking teen cast, crew, or orchestra member who is pursuing an undergraduate degree in either music, music education, or another music-related field. The Scholarship honors Ellen Wilber and the decades of hard work she dedicated to the NCCT Teen Program and NCCT.


Criteria and instructions:

Applications must be received by April 1 for the award in June of that year.
The applicant must:
  • be a graduating high school senior
  • have been involved in at least one NCCT production (Teen or Adult) during their high school career.
  • Plan on pursuing an undergraduate degree in music (instrumental or voice), music education, or another music-related field.
The applicant should:
  • Include contact and education information: Name, date of birth, address, phone, email, high school, college attending (if known), anticipated major/minor.
  • Provide a list of all NCCT productions in which you have been involved and in what capacity.
  • Submit a Music Resume that includes: formal music education, private lessons and master classes, list of primary instruments and number of years played, concert/performance experiences, musical honors and awards, other music related experience.
  • Include a Personal Statement (maximum 500 words) explaining what NCCT has meant to you and how it has helped you grow as a musician/performer. Also answer how you would use the Ellen Wilber Scholarship to benefit your future.

Applications should be mailed to:

Ellen Wilber Scholarship
c/o NCCT
PO Box 462
Lebanon NH 03766

or email it to [email protected] with “Ellen Wilber Scholarship” as the subject.
Finalists may be called for an interview.
Scoring Criteria:

Essay: The Applicant can receive up to forty (40) points for a well written essay. The essay should explain how the NCCT teen program has helped the applicant grow musically and shaped their musical knowledge.
Musical Resume: The Applicant can receive up to thirty (30) points for past musical experience such as lessons, internships, original compositions, and participation in school or community bands, choirs, and musicals.
Promise: The Applicant can receive up to fifteen (15) points for showing a strong pursuit in a musical field.
Passion: The Applicant can receive up to fifteen (15) points for showing their passion and dedication for music and how they have used music to improve their life or the lives of people around them.