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Ken Munsey

Ken first came to the Upper Valley in 1966 to teach Music in the Lebanon Public Schools. The Lebanon Opera House was then a defunct movie theater with no real direction. He left the area for a few years to serve in the Army and work in West Hartford CN. When he returned to teaching in the Lebanon Schools the theater was beginning to be used by the school district to mount musical productions. It was also at that time that NCCT was being established by Eric Jones and a group of interested community members. Ken was fortunate to be cast as Teve in the second production NCCT mounted. At that time he was also helping with the first renovations of the theater. As time passed he became involved in productions not only for the school Music Department but NCCT as well. As the use of the Opera House increased, so did Ken’s involvement with the theater. He has had a hand in countless productions there either on stage or in technical direction. Once the Lebanon Opera House Improvement Society was formed, Ken officially became Technical Director for the theater, a job he did while continuing to teach music for the public schools. Now retired from both jobs, Ken still has a real love for theater especially the sort of Community Theater NCCT has been promoting for years.