North Country Community Theatre (NCCT) has always sought to shine the spotlight on the residents of the Upper Valley, creating community through performance art. The current courageous attempts of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, People of Color, and their allies to once again bring the infection of systemic racism into our nation’s dialogue have had the members of our Board of Directors reflecting deeply on a personal level for many weeks. The brave comments of former cast members helped us understand that NCCT has not always been a place where all of our members, regardless of their race, have felt welcomed, felt safe, and felt heard.

We apologize for any and all past productions that had subject matter, or characterizations, of a racist manner. We take responsibility for having perpetuated the racial stereotypes that can be found in much of the Broadway canon through choices made in past productions. We need to do better—to be better.

We firmly believe our community is stronger through diversity, equity, and inclusion. This is an ongoing dialogue, and has been added to our monthly agenda as a standing item. This will help us keep the topic top of mind, both now and in the future. Podcasts such as 1619, panel discussions like Race, Justice, and Equity in the Workplace and Beyond, and articles such as From Juneteenth to the Tulsa Massacre: What Isn’t Taught in Classrooms Has a Profound Impact are just a few resources members of the Board have found helpful in our endeavor to educate ourselves. We welcome and encourage any NCCT member, past or present, to share your thoughts and feelings. We are here to listen and learn. And please know, unequivocally, that we stand in solidarity with Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, and People of Color within our community, and across the world, against racism.

If you would like to take part in a discussion surrounding positive changes NCCT can make regarding this issue, please attend our annual meeting on August 10, 2020 at 6:30 PM via Zoom. Our agenda will include a forum on how we can be a more inclusive organization. If you are interested, please email to be sent the zoom link when it is available.