Produced by North Country Country Community Theatre                                                                       
Directed by: Emma Rose Brooks
Choreographed by: Gabrielle Confer
Music Directed by: Colby Baker

Production Manager: Jason Archambeault,

Please read through this page of information prior to registering for an audition slot (registration button at bottom of page) so you are aware of the general time commitment and information needed to participate in this production.


Please check your calendar for conflicts and put them on the audition form where indicated. 

May 9 – June 27:  Rehearsals will meet every Tues/Thurs/Sat. PLEASE SELECT ALL CONFLICTS WITH THIS SCHEDULE ON YOUR AUDITION FORM WHEN ASKED. We will only call you to rehearsals when we need you – some performers need to be at most rehearsals, others do not. We will do our best to be flexible around known conflicts but please note that restrictions in availability may affect casting. Tuesday/Thursday rehearsals will be from 6:30-8:30pm at Greater Hartford United Church. Saturday rehearsals are 1:00 – 5:00pm at Dancers’ Corner in White River Junction. 

June 30 – July 12: Must attend all rehearsals on these days. Rehearsals will be every evening M – F and all day Saturday and Sunday; no rehearsal July 4. Rehearsal location: Lebanon Opera House, Lebanon, NH

Performances (mandatory): July 12, 13, 18, 19 and 20 at 7:30 PM (5pm Call) and July 14 at 2:00 PM (12pm Call)

Publicity events: We will be looking for cast members to sing at these events. The more people we have participate, the more tickets we sell! Consider these dates and times to be part of your mandatory rehearsal schedule.

  • Hanover 4th of July Parade: 7/4, line up at 9 am on Hovey Lane in Hanover. Singing on the green following the parade, time TBD.
  • Singing on the Green, Colburn Park: Date and time TBD



LOCATION: Dancer’s Corner, 93 Pine Street, White River Junction, VT 

Please sign up for one 3-hour audition slot (Registration button at the bottom of this page). Although in person auditions are preferred, if you are truly unable to participate on these dates, we will allow video submissions. Please select “video” when asked to pick a time slot and email Jason Archambeault at for more information.

Audition Time Slots
Friday May 3, 6 – 9 PM
Saturday, May 4, 1 – 4 PM
Saturday, May 4, 5 – 8 PM

Callbacks: Sunday, May 5, 1PM – done 
Everyone who is invited to callbacks is needed for the entire time and will sing an assigned song from the show, read from the script and dance.

Auditioners should:

  • Sing a brief contemporary musical theatre song that shows off your abilities and your storytelling. If coming in for a specific character, please sing something to reflect that. An accompaniest will be provided. Please bring sheet music and be prepared to sing no more than a minute and a half of your song.
  • Please also bring clothes/shoes you feel comfortable to move in. Everyone will be asked to dance so the choreographer has an idea on your skill level. Some may be asked to come back for a more advanced dance combo during callbacks.All cast members will be asked to pay a $25 materials fee to cover the cost of librettos and scripts. This fee is able to be waived; please speak to production manager, Jason Archambeault.


Edward Bloom – The main character of the show. A man who lived his life to the fullest since he finds out early in his life how he will die. Has a big heart, fights for what he wants, and lives in a very colorful world. Requires a strong versatile actor who can portray Edward as a kid and as a man living his final days.

Will Bloom – Edward’s son. Will sees the world in black and white. Runs on facts. Decides to reconcile with his father when he too becomes a father. Throughout the show he tries to figure out who his father really is, but finds himself accepting who he is after seeing the beauty in life. Requires a strong young actor with a strong singing voice.

Sandra Bloom – Edward’s love interest, and later on his wife. Beautiful heart and soul; wants what is best for her family. Urges Will to make amends with Edward before it’s too late. Requires an actor who can portray a deep vulnerability and a quirky young energy when needed. Must sing well and move well.

Young Will – Younger version of Will in various points of the show. A wise, mature kid; doesn’t believe his fathers stories very quickly. Would rather read Oedipus Rex than play make believe.

Josephine Bloom – Will’s wife. Provides balance and urges Will to accept his father as he is. A full blown romantic, with a huge heart.

Karl the Giant – An outcast who has a heart of gold. Joins Edward on a journey to the real world. Very intelligent; becomes a successful businessman. Requires a ‘tall’ actor. Experience walking on silts a HUGE plus.

Amos Calloway – Head of the circus Edward and Karl the Giant come across during their travels. Big personality, cunning, manipulative, and cheap. Takes advantage of Edward’s free labor, but relents when Edward sees and accepts himself in his true form. Strong comedic skills.

Don Price – Edward’s childhood friend turned enemy when he fights for Sandra’s hand. Envies Edwards success and popularity. Strong actor with comedic skills.

The Witch – A sensual, powerful woman. Tells Edward how he dies. Controls the entire stage during her number in Act One. Must be an excellent singer/actor.

Jenny Hill – Edward’s first love. Soon forgotten but later appears through Will’s curiosity of his father’s past. First seen as a young girl in love, then seen as a woman lost and heartbroken. Strong singer/actor.

Dr. Bennett – Edward’s physician. Wise country doctor, but also caring and thoughtful to the family.

Zacky Price – Don’s younger brother. Always in his shadow. Need to be portrayed by young actor with good comedic skills.

The ensemble will play various people in the show including Wedding Guests, Citizens of Ashton, Circus Performers, College Kids and Wild West Townspeople.

Some ensemble members will also play featured roles such as the Fisherman, Mayor, Girl in the Water, The Alabama Lambs, and Will’s Son.